a colorful day

Yesterday was a long, tiring, spectacularly beautiful day!
After a few hiccups (my camera is still missing, tenants are late with rent and debit orders going off mean I have not a cent to my name) it turned into one of the most amazing days I’ve had a eons.

First thing I did was head on over to the waterfront and have my head shaved. I did it! I donated all 20ish centimetres to CANSA. Someone out there better be appreciating my blue locks. I’ll admit that I really am missing my blue halo but I think it’s more that I’m used to seeing it than anything else as so many have commented it looks good.

I’m not so sure it looks good enough to keep this way as some have suggested but after going out last night I can at least say that even without hair this mama still got it ;) (and is suffering from sleep deprivation cause of it!) It also turns out that I can spend an entire night dancing in heels. Yeah… my legs hurt somewhat today.

After donating my locks at the CANSA shavathon we headed off to the beans 3rd birthday party and then dropped Fysh off at his Aunty Panda in Gardens… this is where the fun starts cause this is the part where mum, little sis and I all headed to the Holi One colour fest!

What an amazing experience, I’d say it’s a once in a lifetime one but that would be very much inaccurate because I really hope to attend another one in the future. The colours! It’s amazing how beautiful an event can be, the vibe that comes with so many like minded people gathered in one place is phenomenal. One person had a sign reading “the war is over” and when you stand there in that crowd with strangers hugging you and attacking you with pain powder you can almost believe it.

Thanks to Vulture who let me borrow his gopro for the event!



5 thoughts on “a colorful day

  1. Beautiful family! And amazing pictures. I couldn’t afford or get my hands on tickets, so bummed. I like the shaved look, emphasizes your eyes.

    • my mum decided to take my sister and i so bought the tickets (couldn’t afford it either). thanks, still not used to it, doubt i ever will be so it’s good it grows back haha

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