give me cake!

bb74bee23ed72cb583c75e7ecc8eb6d5Or don’t actually because today marks the day that I hit my first 10kg’s lost mark!
And I am so effing proud of myself!!! 10kg’s.
That’s a frigging toddler, that’s, well… that’s a lot!

Sad that I let myself get to the point that I have so much to lose but at the same time so very frigging proud of myself for finally deciding to do something about it. And actually sticking to it! Other than the 2 weeks of juice fasting (once at the beginning and then now again) I haven’t joined any fad diets or gone bulimic or anything of the sort I’ve simply turned vegan, cut out all refined sugars and gluten – yes I get enough protein and no I don’t live off of lettuce. I also try and run as often as I can and though I did start pilates I’ve been slack on it and need to get back into it.

So my then and now: 7 January 5 March
Arms 34 / 33.5 – 31.5 / 31
Boobs 108 – 103 (sob sob)
Chest 92.5 – 83
Tummy 98 – 84 (still got mommy tummy)
Hips 102 – 91
Legs 64 / 62.5 – 60 / 58
Weight 83.3 – 73.2

A few days ago I won a competition over on Momtrepreneur for a bottle of Kelslim – yay me! And some of the “side effects” include: increased metabolism, increased energy levels, hair growth (wahahaha need this now!) and a strengthened immune system. Well my bottle arrived yesterday afternoon so in about two weeks I’ll update you as to whether or not I’ve found a new miracle product. Mum worked for DORcom when we lived in Namibia so I know about the brilliant effects of kelp. Only thing I’m not liking is that every time I burp I taste the ocean… feeling a bit like a mermaid ;)

So for all those who told me I can’t do it – suck it bitches!
And for those who have been supportive on the journey so far – you’ve been amazing cheerleaders, thank you!

Almost at there!


7 thoughts on “give me cake!

  1. Wow, I was proud of my 4.6kg lost in our Biggest Loser challenge at work but now feel a bit intimidated!! Well done!! I also started in Jan. I have enrolled in an online challenge – – which lasts 8 weeks. You should join, last chance to join is today by midnight. Only problem is enrollment is R500:( We are at more or less the same weight now, you and I, can you tell me your goal? Perhaps we should challenge each other – if I win you make me some cupcakes, if you win, hmmm, I’ll have to give you money, I don’t know if there is anything I can do that you need. Maybe free babysitting. My target is to lose 10 kg from now. I will be happy if I am in the 63 – 65kg range. But I need to do it by end April so I can look good for Afrikaburn.

    • aaaah i would join if i could but yeah that’s not going to happen. R500 is a little bit out of the budget at the moment. also aiming at 63/65 by my birthday in april so will happily take you up on that challenge. my complete goal is to get down to about 53 and then tone/build muscle but given myself till august to reach that one

      • Awesome, we are on! Unfortunately for me I got sick this week so between my anniversary weekend away and being sick this week I have picked up just over a kg. Maybe I should get my a into gear and blog about it so you can keep track of where I am. I know I will never get below 60kg and won’t even try as I am over 40 and feel like I need a bit of flesh on my bones, just not as much as I currently have! But I will be behind you all the way! You are still young and I know you can do it!!

  2. Well done! It’s amazing how much better you feel when you start putting effort into yourself – of that even make sense. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

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