where are your manners?!

keep-calm-and-remember-to-say-please-and-thank-youManners are a big thing in my house particularly with many adults forgetting them these days. PLEASE and THANK YOU. Those are the magick words and if you forget to use them you will be subject to “the glare” as well as a smack upside the head. Yes a smack, this mom still believes in discipline. I was brought up that way and I came out polite for it so yes I believe in the naughty corner and a smack when you deserve it. Judge me if you want, just remember I can judge back if it so pleases me.

Anyway, this morning Fysh was asking for something but the magick word seemed to have gone on vacation and this is what transpired:

Me: where are your manners this morning?
Fysh: I left them at school.

Now I know that I should not laugh but please tell me how you would manage to keep the giggles contained?! I had to pretend I forgot something in the house just so I wouldn’t laugh in front of him. This child… he’s frigging quick…


6 thoughts on “where are your manners?!

  1. I always said, ‘I will never hit my kids’ and then I had some… that changed very fast. Nothing like discipline – you can tell which kids don’t get disciplined.

    They are fast these modern age kids. Fast and smart.

    Reminds me of the day that my *then* five year old sneaked out his bedroom window to get something I had already said no to – what he didn’t know was that I was watching his every move. His face when he finally saw me watching him was totally priceless… keeping a straight face is so hard at times!!

  2. I have also had to turn around and leave the room a couple of times at things Little OL has said. It is very difficult to discipline when you are about to laugh…. Love it.

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