A @wakaberry_1 friday

Ever had frozen yoghurt before? No? well you’re missing out! It’s good, it’s really good. REALLY REALLY good, so good that I tossed aside the whole vegan thing for a night and happily celebrated the launch of yet another Wakaberry store – hey, I never said I was vegan for the furries and fluffies…



Congratulations to Wakaberry on the opening of their Willowbridge store, I’m not sure what number of shops this puts them on exactly but I do know that they are aiming for 25 stores by year end (if I heard correctly) so I wish them all the best of luck with that. They might not have come first in our little froyo-walk that Fysh and I did last year but I never said I didn’t like them.




Just disappointed that there was no peanutbutter froyo… ;) Thanks for the invite to a great evening guys! The vibe was lovely and the live music was the cherry on the froyo. I literally felt like a kid in a candy store when it came to all those toppings… all that choice is still my downfall!


And thank you to @reyv3004 who tagged along, really needed a girls night out (which is what we did after the launch – yay for happy hour and badly played games of pool).



One thought on “A @wakaberry_1 friday

  1. Ooo why did you post these pictures. I LOVE yoghurt of any discription but I dare not eat any as I’m dairy intolerant. Get terrible sinus headache from it. Oh well, I ll just have to look at alll those flavours and topping s and dream on. Love your blog.

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