Flying, #InfacareGold3 and meeting awesome people

What a day! What a fantastic, overwhelming, exhausting and fear testing day!
This morning (after hitting snooze a billion times) I some hoe managed to make it out the house on time, get Fysh to his granny and make it to the airport with an hour to spare before my flight.




Why did I hop on a flight to Jozi today?
Well do you remember that first week of March when I had lunch delivered every day as part of a rather elaborate “save the date” from Aspen Pharmacies? Today was the launch! And today we got to find out what the big surprise/reveal is… *insert dramatic music here*
Aspen pharmacies has launched a ready to feed formula! Yup… No more fussing with bottles and counting out formula scoops!!! But the product desrves a whole post of it’s own (because I actually took notes! You can see them scribbled under my salad).



I got to finally meet some of the amazing jozi bloggers/tweeple even though it was more of a quick hi/bye than anything else. These ladies ooze confidence and damn but they are intimidating! But in a good way, an inspirational way. One day when I’m big I want to be like them.

Flying… Well let’s just say I won’t be a pilot anytime soon, it’s not for me, I think I’ll stick to my boats thank you ;)
Though I will admit that once you get past the panic/anxiety attack (I literally can’t breath, I have this fear we’ll run out of landing/takeoff strip or the wheels won’t come out) and you’re up there amongst the clouds… It’s beautiful.



I’ll do a proper post tomorrow for those curious about the new product Aspen has launched but for now I am going to kiss the ground and then crawl into bed wit a book and Fysh cuddles *yawn*

Thank you for an unforgettable day Aspen Pharmacies, and congratulations on the launch of the “ready to feed” range!


One thought on “Flying, #InfacareGold3 and meeting awesome people

  1. Wow. Your pictures are amazing, esp the ones from inside the plane out. Glad you are safely there and back. I LOVE flying, I think its the adrenalin rush at take off that I love.

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