one for the boys

bj3Seeing as there aren’t only ladies who read all I have to say I guess I need to wish the men on their holidays as well, even though I am certain this one was made by a man and that there is no saint or sob story involved in its making either…


Women want hearts and candy and flowers on valentines day so some man out there somewhere decided that a month later (March 14th) would be a mans equivalent. So ladies… if you have a man in your life I suggest you go out, get some steak and remember to lipice those lips ;)

And of course some e-card funnies (because what’s a holiday without an e-card funny):

1331589087912_1508556 a9a8d196584c6912fddefd7d54866ccb5fflowers

Have a good one x



4 thoughts on “one for the boys

    • I found out about it by accident last year or the year before, told a friend and now he won’t let me forget about it. Sometimes they deserve a random holiday as well…

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