calling in sick

It’s days like today that I am actually grateful I never got sucked into that 9 to 5 scene, sure I bitch and moan and would love something with a stable and solid income (blogging doesn’t exactly pay *shock horror* you know) but if I was stuck in some cookie cutter office job I wouldn’t have been able to spend the day on the sofa with a book and cupcake mug filled with coffee while cuddling a sick toddler.


We went to visit the captain (aka Shamus) last night who treated us to spur and despite the brilliant evening I think the food and Fysh’s stomach did not agree.


So we sat on the sofa today having a Harry Potter marathon. His choice.
I can’t describe the warm fuzzies I feel with the knowledge that my brat loves HP! I am of course part of the potter generation, and damn proud of it. Mock me all you will but I love that series. Always will. And when Fysh doned a blanket and exclaimed the he is now invisible my heart skipped a little joyous dance, but if I thought that was cute he totally out did it when I caught him standing over a beautiful branch I picked up on one of my hiking trips and calmingly demanding that it “up”…

I heart the fuck out of this kid!


3 thoughts on “calling in sick

  1. I LOVE Harry Potter. I loved it as a kid, I love it even more now that I can fully appreciate how absolutely fantastic the writing is, her imagination, the well-rounded characters and story line. I re-read the entire series at least once a year and I have all the movies on DVD. But the movies are more out of loyalty, the books are the true gems.

    • we watch the movies cause of fysh. soon as he’s old enough the books will be the bigger thing. i put all the ebooks on my reader this weekend. guess what i’ll be doing soon ;)

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