soapbox moment

This morning I attended a birthday party for a friends lil dude who turns a full hand of fingers this year! A whole five, and I have not missed one party yet, we were even there with flowers after monster man was born. So what happened today really pissed me off…

Cake, chips, hotdogs rolls, balloons… You name it Rey catered it. We know what things are like financially for everyone these days and parties don’t come cheap which is why most people specify only those who RSVP will be catered for. Fair enough, but what happens when people RSVP and then simply don’t show?

14 kids and 30 adults. That’s how many people RSVP’d yes to monster man’s party.
3 kids and 5 adults. That’s how many of them actually showed.

Seriously?! How would you feel if it happened to you? You wouldn’t like it… So then why do it to someone else? If you know you can’t make it say no, I personally usually say “maybe” and let them know not to cater for us as whether or not we come usually depends on finances. Sucky but honest.

So the next time you are invited to a party do the parent inviting you a fucking favour and be honest about whether or not you will be attending. None of us have money to waste on inconsiderate assholes.

*gets off soapbox*

Happy birtday monster man, and congrats on surviving 5 years of parenthood my friend x



13 thoughts on “soapbox moment

  1. ARGH! I hate this!!! HATE IT!!! Currently battling with it for the wedding and it’s driving me mad! On Wed is the final RSVP date and I am mailing everyone who hasn’t replied and telling them they will not be allowed in if they do decide to actually make it :-/

  2. That is absolutely NOT on. I know that for a couple of parties that I have been to lately the mom’s have sent out reminders in the week preceeding. I also sent a couple to some people that I was a bit doubtful about.

    I do understand the “maybe” answer but I rather say no if I am unsure. I know how much work I do for each child and would rather have a definitive yes or no. For Little OL’s party this year we had one maybe and I still made everything for that child. They let me know that morning that they were not coming. I could not bear to have a child there and them not have the same as all the other kids.

  3. Oh this is just so vert very wrong! Thankfully I have never had it abd never had a single no show. But then we make sure we know all the kids and the parents – we tend to have smaller parties

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