run baby RUN

This morning I got my lazy butt out of bed at 05:30. yup! You read right… 05:30 on a frigging Sunday morning! Am I crazy? Yeah… maybe a little.

run baby run

@ReyV3004 bought an entry for the spar ladies race and after her operation was told she’s not allowed to take part in it, I run it every year and yet somehow forgot to get an entry this year so I ended up running on her behalf. And she finished it 117th in 00:31:23 ;)

spar ladies race

At home I run on an elliptical and I thought that it would be a huge difference between running on it to running on the road (because on the road there is that impact when your feet meet the ground) but that turned out not to be an issue at all. My issue turned out being boredom. Yup… I got frigging bored! At home I prop up my reader over the screen and read. I can run up to 30km and not blink an eye… but on the road I’m left with nothing but myself and my thoughts and let me tell you this; my thoughts aren’t very nice to me at all.

I’ve explained my brain could be two little old ladies bickering but when I run they turn into a bitchy snearing blonde and perfect little cheerleader shouting mean things and profanities at me. It works but she’s not very nice…

Next weekend I’m going to be running the 8km fun run for the two oceans thingum (I was too late to enter the half marathon and glad about that haha)… anyone running the actual two oceans? Decided yesterday that I will be running the comrades in 2018 (the year I turn 30) so I have 5 years to get my ass into that sort of fit. Eh…


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