if it doesn’t kill you

My muscles hurt, there are muscles hurting I didn’t know that I had or could hurt. My elbows for example… WTF? Who knew that a hard road run could do this compared to a run on the machine? Oh wait… everyone. Starting to think that I will continue my routine but add a hard road run in every weekend. The stupid scale says that I’ve gained 2kg’s *sob* and I know that everyone has said “muscle weighs more than fat” and all that jazz but damnit, I live in a society where we are conditioned to care what the scale says. Got to break that condition some how.

Well, as today’s awesome poster sayswhat doesn't kill me

And we all know I am awesome a billion times over seeing as I have go through so much crap in the last week and a bit never mind all 25 years I’ve graced the earth with my presence… and it hasn’t killed me yet. I’m surprised I’m still single I’m so bloody awesome :P I’m liking this awesome week. Blowing my own whistle it fun ;) Hope you’re doing it as well! Blowing your whistle that is, not mine. It’s mine thanks…


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