There’s a pipe!

Human rights day mostly means a reason to sleep in and call it a long weekend, not pc but true. But what does this chop do? She rallies up a few people crazy enough to get their asses out of bed before the birds and goes to climb a bloody mountain.


Well no, no mountain was climbed, we sort of walked along it with sections of steep inclines, but it wouldn’t be a hike without those right? And then because waking up at sparrows fart for a not so easy hike wasn’t enough I decided to do it with Fysh strapped to my back. Then again I’m sure we’ve already deduced I’m a sucker of punishment…


It’s not all that often I will sing the praises of a product so when I do you know I’m honest, and I can’t sing praises loud enough about this carrier. I don’t even know the maker of it, the bag it came in said “african baby carrier”. I bought it on a whim about 3 years ago (when I could afford to do such things) at a market, forked out about R400 for it and to date I can say it was worth every bloody cent! Fysh weighs about 16/17kg’s now and I can still comfortably carry him in it, it makes him feel like a backpack, albeit a heavy one.

The hike was beautiful – all 3 1/2 hours of it (we had a time limit) along the 12 apostles. It’s the old pipe track but apparently also known as the “kasteelpoort” trail, the company and conversation was top notch and the view… Well, it is cape town after all…







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