one big house of *cough*

I have been awol almost a week now, have reviews and competitions and exciting news to share and post but Fysh got sick the weekend and of course passed it on to me, what started off as a lil sorethroat has turned into my annual bout of pharyngitis/tonsilitis… The joys.

Not only have I battling these crappy germs but I’ve been mowing through some pretty great books (2 of which I have to give away), knitting some more beanies for my #100beaniesforcancer mission, cleaning and painting a diesel engine and exercising my ass off (literally).

Will catch soon, easter weekend this weekend so lots of time to sit around and catch up. Tink we might skip te whole hunt ting this year though, maybe just get one egg or bunny but sadly no moola for a big elaborate hunt like we have most years. Hopefully that will change as soon as I complete my pb instructors course next month.

Hope evryone is well xxx



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