birthday wishlist

In exactly a month’s time it’s my 25th birthday.

I had all these dreams about where I wanted to be by now and yeah… that never happened. That aside it’s time to post a wish list so that my friends and family know what I want.

This year I want direction. A job that pays well and happiness.
But seeing as those things can’t be bought you can get me one of these things:

  • A cupcake bag – I used to have one, sadly it was stolen :(
  • Cowboy boots – I’m a size 6 and I know that Jordan shoes currently has them for R300
  • Money – duh… easiest thing ever. I could say that it’s going towards a new wardrobe (which I really need) or a new camera (which I also really need) but in the end we all know it’s just going to end up in my diesel money stash. The joys of having a car during this day and age…
  • A new camera – wishful thinking I know but I just had to put it out there. You never know, maybe some company out there or someone with too much money wants to do their good deed for the year or something. Then again rich people don’t stay rich by helping those in need. mmm… still worth a shot haha.
  • A holiday – a paid for one, this is some serious wishful thinking I know but I so need a good 10 days somewhere in the wilderness or on a yacht or just somewhere that isn’t home or here. I need time away to spend a day or two doing absolutely NOTHING other than sitting down and enjoying the scenery or sleeping or instagramming photos or drawing or something and not feeling guilty for it. My brain needs this before I slip further.

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