suck pull bang blow

A while back I heard that the academy could do basic maintenance and trouble shooting diesel engine courses but that they weren’t allowed to until they had a motor. With them taking so long to find one I made a deal – if I found them a motor to use I get to do the course free. You’ve got to love the old barter exchange system… it really did/does work. Now if only the bank accepted hugs for payments…

Needless to say, it took me a day and a little sweet talking but I found an engine.
And then spent 3 days cleaning it and painting it up. Engine work is DIRTY and the connotations are too much of fun for my gutter mind, no wonder guys enjoy it.
But at the end of the day I walked off with another certificate to my name. I am now qualified to run basic maintenance and troubleshooting on diesel engines! One step closer to the end goal. Not quite sure what it is yet but hey… at least we’re moving forward yes?


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