chocolate overload…

The easter bunny nearly didn’t make his appearance this year, you see he’s a little broke and he also doesn’t understand why he needs to celebrate the holiday of a religion he doesn’t follow. But family members pitched in and helped fill the pockets of those conglomerates who profit most out of these overly commercialized holidays so that Fysh could go and hunt for bunnies and eggs in the garden.
I wish I had a video camera… at one point my brother (12) decided to make a joke and he put a handful of eggs behind him and exclaimed “Look, I can poop chocolate eggs” then let them fall into the basket… obviously from the front it looked as you can imagine. guess what Fysh just had to do…
After the bunny had been and gone, the chocolate found and damn near polished off it was time for a good old braai. Still gets me shaking my head sometimes that mums ex fling, her ex husband and her current husband all get along well enough that they braai together. It’s nice actually. These three men have pretty much each played father figure to me over the last 25 years.
The adults also got to indulge in chocolate. Namely chocolate vodka in chocolate cups as well as chocolate ice cream laced with chocolate vodka… Of course after a few chocolate vodka shots, beer, irish coffees and something I can’t pronounce the albums came out and everyone got rather nostalgic. Damn I was a cute kid…
I hope that everyone had a brilliant day, regardless of how you decided to celebrate (or didn’t celebrate) it.


3 thoughts on “chocolate overload…

    • weekends spent with family or friends are generally good ones. hope you and your tribe had a lovely one and that the bunny brought that gorgeous lil A lots of chocolates

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