i want to write

I want to write.
Not just write though, I want to write so people can read it.
I want to write and get paid for it.
Sure thing I write here but it’s not exactly like I get paid to write here though and I don’t feel right about making cash out of my blog like most people suggest or do, it just doesn’t feel right. Getting/giving goodies is great, bartering is a fantastic thing but unfortunately it does not pay the bills.

Due to circumstances I never took my writing further than my final year of high school which means I can’t exactly go and apply for writing positions at magazines and so on because for the most part the response is the same: you need a journalism degree. Makes sense, those people who went out and studied the 4 years deserve the position but then again there are those of us who sadly couldn’t afford to head on off to study for a few consecutive years. Or perhaps it’s the talent I lack and they are just being kind? I pray for the former.

There are a few options – write a book; carry on writing here and hope that eventually someone sifts through all the bullshit and sees something worth while (like what happened with the article I wrote for YourBaby last year, my few moments of fame); or get lucky. Luck has never really been on my side, I think you make your own luck sooo…. What do I do? Not sure yet. I’ll figure it out though. Maybe I’ll join the band wagon and start writing erotica or some YA novel, then again I’ve never really been a “follow the crowd” sort of girl…

Any chance you reading this right now knows of something? Anything?
One day I am going to buy a yacht and write about my adventures sailing from port to port while homeschooling a boy (though am sure by the time I can afford to do this he’ll long be out the nest), about the ups and downs, the different cultures, the beautiful surroundings and probably the occasional storms, ripped sails and visa issues.

I’m sure writing for a living is most many a bloggers ambition and it’s a long shot but hey… dream big right?!

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7 thoughts on “i want to write

  1. I had this dream for a long time. I still tap at it, all the time. And yes, I do write for a living now, and it’s bloody hard (it is harder than anyone knows). At the same time, I’ve never been happier. Keep blogging!

  2. I wish for the same things you do. Unfortunately, writing isn’t the most stable trade to have. But it’s a GOOD ONE! My advice: Continue writing your blog. If you can, try to work in a college degree. I’m currently working on my AA and will be transferring to a university to get a journalism degree. (I’m not made of money either.) It’s a technicality, but it’s a good thing to have under your belt. Education is the key that will open up a lot of doors, I really do think. But if your writing is good, you’ll get there… Where is where, I don’t know. Wherever you want to go! I really do think so.

  3. If you want something enough, and are prepared to work hard enough for it, you can make it happen. You have a great writing style, original thoughts, expressed well and with humour, so keep on with the blog and make a plan re a bigger piece of writing – fiction or otherwise. Keep a notebook just for the Bigger Thing. Jot ideas and other things down as they cross your mind. It’ll pull together one day. :-)

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