PLEASE help me out?

Hey you, yes you.

PLEASE take 2 minutes of your time, click this link: Big Blog Exchange and put in a vote for me?
Consider it a birthday gift to me, it would mean a lot.

This blog of mine has grown to over 2000 subscribers and if just a quarter of you voted it would already make a giant impact. PLEASE PLEASE with a chocolate covered cherry on top! You only get to vote once per email so if you already have then a giant thank you to you! (but if you have more than one email address don’t be shy to use them all haha)

This is something I would love, something I could probably not do on my own and so would really appreciate your “help” on this.

Voting closes on Monday the 15th of April. The top 25 blogs in each of the 4 regions will then go through to a jury & be narrowed down to 14 blogs. Then an additional 2 blogs will be chosen as “wild cards” not based on votes but purely on the quality of the blogs themselves & the passion in the motivation submitted.

Considering blogging is relatively new & underdeveloped here I’m proud to say that we’re featuring well currently:

  • Worldwide, 10 South African blogs are in the top 100
  • In our region (Middle East & Africa) 19 of the top 25 blogs are South African!

13 thoughts on “PLEASE help me out?

  1. Reblogged this on Nice piece of work and commented:
    I seem to be hitting the Reblog button quite a bit lately, but I promise that I only do that when I believe that promoting someone else will make you happy, too :) There’s a special place in my heart for this blogger, Cupcake Mummy, and not only because she is also from Cape Town! This girl writes from the heart, and never fails to surprise me with her originality and motivation and wacky sense of humour. And please take a second to vote for her in the Big Fat Blogging Competition she’s entered !

  2. I just wanted to stop by and say congrats on being a finalist! I wish you the best!

    Cheers from Louisiana (USA),

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