what difference a month makes

We seem to forget how much changes in a month, in a mere 30 days…
I keep forgetting to post this, I’m 9 days late but better late than never yes?

You all remember when I shaved all my hair off for cancer on the 5th right?


Well this is my “a month of growth” update pic:


The family jokes that if you stand near me you can hear my hair growing. I didn’t realise just how much it had grown till I saw the potos side by side. Must be the bob martins and kelp tablets ;)

And yes… I miss my long air and hells yes I miss my blue hair. Daily.
Mom is adament I leave my hair this “natural” whatever colour, everyone else is asking what/when I’m colouring it again. Shamus has offered a few times to buy me the colour to redo it, housemate has suggested a mohawk and even Fysh keeps chirping me “when you go get long hairs again you must make it blue” though sometimes he says it should be green…

Strange how my normal is everyone elses weird and their normal is my weird.


3 thoughts on “what difference a month makes

  1. I say (and sorry for the cliche) you look good anyway! (Please excuse the rhyme haha!) You can do just about anything and you look great. So make half blue and half green (for the Fysh) and keep up the great work! I look forward to your posts each day :) thanx for sharing all your stories. Have a happy week! C xxx

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