cookie dough fun

Mom got sent some Yummy Dough and seeing as Sunday’s are usually rather uneventful Fysh, The brat (aka my brother) and myself decided to have a go at it and get our craft on.cookie dough 1

It’s pretty easy to whip up, the tub comes with 4 colours and you simply empty the contents of a packet into a bowl and add 15ml of water. The mixing is weird though and at first it feels like it will never go from powder to dough but it does.cookie dough 5

We made all four colours and then got creative… Yes I made a cupcake.cookie dough 2

I couldn’t very well cook (once done playing with your dough you actually bake it! It’s a whole lot like cookie dough but stiffer) the giant blob that Fysh dubbed a car. So we rolled it into a log and made rainbow cookies out of them.cookie dough 3

They taste like pure sugar but that’s considerably better than what salted playdough tastes like right? We had fun and it’s nice to keep in mind for the next birthday party or family birthday in general. Fysh gets to have fun and the byproduct is something you can wrap up in a pretty box and give as a gift.

Going to keep my rainbow log idea in mind next time there’s a birthday but I’ll use my sugar cookies recipe I love so much…

Disclosure: This product was given to SA kids on the Go! to review  but I was not paid to write this.
All words and opinions are my own.


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