Jam Tarts – Giveaway

I got a stunning little surprise package from Jam Tarts this weekend (sounds delicious right?! Now I want tarts…) containing a few beanies for the #100beaniesforcancer project I’m doing, 2 pairs of the cutest and most comfortable crochet slippers ever (which I’ve *cough* sort of been wearing as shoes) and a chocolate for the Fysh which he refused to share with anyone.crochet slippers

These shoes slippers are so frigging comfortable and the timing is PERFECT with the degrees dropping so drastically all of a sudden (we seemed to have skipped autumn and gone straight to winter here in the mother city. Not that I’m complaining though). I think the only thing I’d change is put a leather sole on instead of a felt one so I can really wear them as shoes :P

They remind me of the bedsocks that my ouma used to knit us when we were little, just more stylish ;) and the great part? Jam Tarts is giving one of you a pair! Yup yup :)

How to enter:
1. Show Jam Tarts some love and like them on FB
2. If you haven’t already then like CupcakeMummy on FB
3. If you’re on twitter go and chirp about the giveaway
4. They aren’t “one size fits all” so leave a comment with your favourite colour and shoe size.

And it’s as easy as that :)
Will close this competition on Friday the 19th

Good luck and here’s to warm toes this winter! Also, while you’re at it go and check out their website or etsy store as  these ladies are CRAFTY as anything! Really wish I could get the hang of crochet.

26 thoughts on “Jam Tarts – Giveaway

  1. I love the creamy cotton ones on the website but I don’t like flowers or pink. lol. I’d love them in a darker colour so they would look more like shoes… like a tan or charcoal grey? If not, plain cream is fab maybe with a teal or khaki trim?

  2. You know that pink is my fav colour and if I can win a 4 I promise to give up my STILETTO’s for a day and even wear them to work!

  3. Love these “shoes” and all their gorgeous items! Have liked both pages(yours for awhile now). I’m size 5 and would love black flower on cream! Fingers crossed to win these beauties! <3

  4. Im in love with the little cream coloured ones with the pretty pink flowers on them, and im a average size 5, im so waiting to wear them as shoes, i mean who wouldnt.

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