*grumble grumble* not illiterate *grumble*

Well today’s “interview” was a dismal fail in the fact that all 9 (or 10) of those called in to be assessed failed the actual assessment.

Now I can completely understand one or two out of the group failing, even myself (nerves tend to wreck havoc on concentration) but for the entire group to fail would lead me to think that perhaps there was a glitch or sorts in the system. Either that or all our IQ’s and English proficiency dropped to miserable levels since the last time we took that assessment.

What I did not appreciate was the one girl (unfortunately I did not get her name) making out as if we were all illiterate and not worth the bottom of her shoe, perhaps she did not mean for her “unfortunately this is why we have to retest you before placing you” to sound so degrading before having us escorted from the building but that is how it came about.

Perhaps I did fail on my own account but at the same time I prefer not being made to feel like the idiot I know I am not. I emailed my concerns to the head of HR and am very happy to say that the matter has been seen to and I was asked if I’d be willing to go back next Tuesday to be assessed (again). Who am I to decline, the stars know that I need this job but hopefully come Tuesday they’ll have fixed the glitch so that the next lot of hopefuls do not leave the building feeling as mentally and emotionally degraded as our group did today.

In other better news: I got tickets to go and see The Kooks on Saturday!!! wooohooo big thanks to @Jess_Obese for making a poop day a billion times better. Let the birthday week awesomeness begin! Now to find a friend to convince to go with me seeing as my usual victim is off to Morocco tomorrow… Damn Tin Tin and his shitty timing!


3 thoughts on “*grumble grumble* not illiterate *grumble*

  1. Re the assessment – what the f%#k??????? I’m glad you stood up for yourself and are going back. What are they actually assessing, by the way?
    And yay for the Kooks. Alex actually won tickets and she’s going with a friend. I’ll tell her to look out for you :-)

    • The test pretty much makes sure that you can speak English and understand the american accent. Piss easy stuff that I breezed through last time round. Hells yes, wasn’t about to let them get away with effing up again.

      Can’t miss me, bubbly bouncy chick with a shaved head ;)

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