A few sandwiches short

My family is far from being the poster family for normal, we are closer to the poster for dysfunctional but despite the string of oddities and strange that makes up the gene pool of beings I call home they are brilliant.

Who cares about the shitty cancer, depression, aspergers or rare eye conditions that run through our dna strands… Who cares about my cougar of a gran with her toyboy, my stepdad who believes the aliens are coming, my menopausal hiking addict mother, great-grandma who gets sick for attention or my gay siblings…

Who cares about those things when I have a family who might just be the least religious family in the world but listens to german christmas music and movies in April. My family might be slightly off kilter but it’s nights like this, sitting here singing “merry christmas and a happy new year” a whole 8 months early that warms my heart.

Love these whack jobs xxx


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