my #5GumExperience

The older generation remember the Lucky Strike parties that would board a train to somewhere secret, each compartment of the train done up differently, or so am I told by a few of the sailors at the academy. This generation gets the #5GumExperience which in my opinion is that much better…

5Gum arranged for The Kooks to play in a secret location, two shows only (one in Jozi and one in Cape Town) and then gave away (yes gave away, you couldn’t purchase em) tickets to people who entered competitions run on different social media platforms. A free concert for an international band? Um… yes please?! I have @Jess_Obese to thank for the double tickets to the Cape Town show – thanks lady!

We got to Maitland High, parked and then got into the queue for the busses. Dropped off at a secret location we walked a good few 100 meters through what looked to be an abandoned container lot complete with horror movie like broken buildings sporting shattered windows. In the dark, the people walking in a loose row and following the signs had my mind playing over scenes of walking to a slaughter house… like I said, horror movie worthy.
The secret location turned out to be Salt River Studios which kitted out with make shift bars, a stage and light shows that could rival any.
There were a few DJ’s that played sets in amongst the bands but I don’t know my DJ from my radio personality so I sadly can’t tell you much about them, the bands though were good. Beach Party was first up. Not the kind of music I’d rush out and buy the album of but it’s good for live entertainment.
Next up was December Streets, I only know them because of Tin Tin and he’s going to be even more unimpressed he missed out on the show when he finds out they played.
And then finally it was time for The Kooks. Sad thing is that I don’t think half the people in attendance even knew who they were before this show, in good news I guess that means they were able to gain a few more fans. Though will admit I am not much of a fan of their newer stuff, just not really THEM.
Everything was put together really well, it was a great show, the bathrooms stayed clean (usually nothing worse than needing the loo at one of these events – it’s mostly something you have to brave yourself for) and the bartenders were on the ball. The only eff up though was those busses. Somehow my concert buddy and I got separated, she ended up going back to the parking lot on one of the first busses, my ass couldn’t get on a buss until the very last buss… a good 90 minutes after her, the entire wait of which I stood around on my own and in desperate need of a loo. Not pleasant!

But we had a good one.
And the bonus? Fysh was VERY well behaved for grandpa which is always good news, you never know if he’ll put on his “chucky’s cousin” persona for the night and demand I be there or not. Thankfully this time it was or not.


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