this years bucket list – an update

With only 5 days left till my 25th birthday I thought that perhaps I should do an update on my 24 before 25 list. For those of you who don’t know: it’s something I’ve done every year since matric. I take the age I am at the moment and then create a list of that number of things to try and accomplish before my next birthday. Some of the items are goals, some are items on my actual “bucket list”, some are dreams, some are just feelings.

Most years I have been able to manage the majority of what is on my list (last year I crossed off all but 2), this year though accomplishing my goals has proven to be a little trickier…

1. Have a tea party for my 25th birthday – not going to happen, I’m broke BUT I am going to go out with friends and have a good time which I think is more important.
2. Do something spontaneous – I shaved all my hair off and donated it to CANSA
3. Send a teddy around the world – yeah… not really as easy as I thought it was going to be. He got lost somewhere along the way. Maybe I’ll try again next year.
4. Get a decent job, a stable one with a good monthly income – still haven’t managed this one :( BUT we’ll see, at Amazon today so I might still be able to tick this one off before Sunday.
5. Studypreferably psychology – I was accepted and started studying psych but then couldn’t afford the exam fees. I did however get my VHF licence, Radar licence, day skipper ticket, yachmaster offshore theory ticket, diesel maintenance and trouble shooting certificate as well as my powerboat licence.
6. Get a new car – I did it! I got one, what I should have stipulated though is more along the lines of “get a new car and be able to afford the monthly payments”
7. Go travelling with fyshness – preferably out of the country – we went on a roadtrip all the way to Richards Bay. It wasn’t out the country but I think it counts.
8. Bungee jump or Skydive – finances said no to this.
9. Read 50 books – I managed 127 and I’m sure I’ll read a few more before Sunday.
10. Own a Polaroid camera – knew this was unrealistic from the start.
11. Buy a new bed (or mattress) – again… stupid finances.
12. Visit with my Shoemate – she’s been travelling the world the past year and has only just gotten back so doubtful.
13. Build a giant sandcastle – Ian helped me with this one :)
14. Have a family photo shoot done with fyshness – done! had one last year and then having one done next Saturday again.
15. Get that compass tattoo I’ve always wanted – decided to wait till I get my 5000 nautical miles. I did however get “promise” tattooed on my pinky so I think I can tick this one as a success. Ink is ink yes?
16. Jump off a waterfall – only one I managed to jump off is the one in moms garden that leads to her pool and I am highly doubtful that it counts.
17. Become famous – um… ja.
18. Have an article featured in a magazine – DONE, had one published in the December 2012 issue of the Your Baby
19. Get to my goal weight – started on this one a little late so not quite there yet but am a lot closer that what I was when I wrote this.
20. Let go of 100 balloons – so I’ve decided this is a really bad idea for a number of reasons, firstly do you know the cost of helium these days and secondly those balloons eventually pop and that means pollution and some animal could try eat the rubber. Not really a good plot…
21. Remember to stop and smell the roses – this is one of those on going things…
22. Buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them – I can’t seem to find a cheap pair of plain white shoes anywhere?!
23. Learn Sign language – we started, Fysh and I have the basics down.
24. Learn to love myself – getting there…

So I managed to accomplish 11 ½ of the 24 goals I set out for myself. Not really a success but at least I tried. If you can help me tick off any of those I didn’t manage before the weekend then hey… yes please!


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