we’re in the finals

Hey YOU! Yes you, you reading this right now.

The voting for the big blog exchange ended last week and after harassing you for votes I thought it only fair that I lend a giant thank you to each of you who did. Thanks to you I made it into the top 25 for the Africa and Middle East category which means that we are in for the next round!

The competition ran for 45 days, attracting 1173 blogs from all round the world, generating 90 000 votes for individual bloggers, 26 000 Facebook likes & an audience of 2.5 million on Twitter – the largest blogging competition in history & some of the most brilliant marketing I’ve seen. Right now the judges are sifting through all 100 finalists (25 from each region) to pick out the 14 winners and then they go through all 1173 bloggers blogs that were entered to pick two wild cards – that makes up the 16 finalists.

What’s the prize?
Originating in 1932, Hostelling International (the sponsor) has 80 years’ experience in ensuring global interaction, especially amongst the younger generation – however, we are now looking to modernise this worldwide community by inviting 16 bloggers to take part in a unique exchange, which takes place both online and in real life. For ten days simultaneously (7th June – 17th June 2013), the selected bloggers will take part in the opportunity of a lifetime, swapping lives, places and blogs with another talented blogger.

The draw for the competition is the day after my birthday… *eep* can you imagine?!
Even if I don’t make one of the 16, thanks to each of you who supported me and who support me just by reading the ramblings I have.

This competition was eye opening, knowing how much support my ramblings get, all the new blogs I found and love as well as seeing how well South Africa did, 20 of the 100 finalists are South Africans where as only 8 are American. For a little place full of controversy and what not like ours I’d say that’s something to be proud of right there!


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