Softi VS Shlumfi

This morning the Baby Soft lovelies dropped off a box of smiles for me…


So what exactly is it all about? Well you remember Softi the Labrador puppy right? (I don’t even own a TV and I know who he is so I’m sure you should) That uber cute guy now has a little competition for the “face of Baby Soft” title… Shlumfi the Persian cat of grumpiness. I’m sorry but they always look grumpy to me.


Now the question is; who is going to win?! Will Softi keep his “face of Baby Soft” spot or will he lose to people like me who vote for Shlumfi just cause he’s so damn fugly? Only time will tell I guess. You can join in the fun and go cast your vote on the Baby Soft website. I’m keen to see who wins this lot showdown!

When times are tough like now it’s nice to know the little things can still cheer me up and I had a good giggle at the #MascotShowdown pack that they sent me. I also had to defend it from all the sailors wanting to claim goods. Damn scavengers ;)

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post but I did get sent that cute parcel.


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