your butt looks great in those jeans, can i help take them off?

201304-omag-phil-illo-3-284x426Aren’t we just the strangest and most confusing creatures on this planet… We crave attention, recognition and admiration but have you ever noticed that when you get it you shy it off and point out a fault instead?

When someone says to you “I love your shirt” most of us will say “what? This old thing?” or if someone comments that you’ve lost weight don’t you find yourself responding “yeah but I still have xyz amount to go”. Why can’t we simply accept the compliment and say thank you? I know that I struggle with this, especially when said to my face. I usually think people are pulling my leg or rather just trying to be nice when they don’t mean it but this is thanks to the wonderful array of issues I have and not really being able to decipher body language properly in social situations.

Another thing we are useless at is accepting our own short comings, putting aside our pride and admitting we need help. This little fact is another something I am horrid at. I always feel I have to take on the world by myself and then I get myself into situations like I am now.

So this weekend I urge you to try and accept any compliments sent your way, extend a hand where you are able to and accept a hand offered to you. Because not accepting the help and compliments also has an effect on the person giving it/them… if you keep saying no thanks people will eventually stop offering and then you’re stuffed.


2 thoughts on “your butt looks great in those jeans, can i help take them off?

  1. I used to be a chronic compliment-deflector but I made a conscious effort to just say a simple ‘thank you’ and now it just comes second-nature. This post reminds me that we should love ourselves, and part of that is receiving lovely and well-intentioned compliments from others :)

  2. From when we were little our mom drilled into us that if somebody compliments you, you simply say “thank you” and look like you mean it, whether you believe it or not. If they are teasing you then they will look stupid, and if they are being earnest then by not accepting it you are being rude and basically saying their judgement sucks.

    It is something that I have tried to remember over the years, and she is right. Even by accepting it and saying thank you, it does boast your confidence a bit.

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