Just Engage – giveaway

206098_379273072128198_1562411127_nFinances… what are those?
I’m sure that many of you will agree that these days we are so holy over the few pennies we have that when it comes to things like prenatal classes a lot of people are starting to skip them and deem them as a want instead of a need. Plus when it comes to the time… who has the time?! Most people I know work until the very last minute before popping so time is a factor as well.

Well I have great news! Just Engage runs online (yes online so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your PJ’s if you don’t want to!) antenatal classes.
A new course begins the first Monday of each month and runs over 6 weeks:

  • Each module opens up for you at the beginning of a new week which forces everyone to process the information together and facilitates the group dynamic.
  • Each Monday morning, you will receive an email reminding you of the content intended for that specific week.
  • Each module will consist of a few video lectures by Sharon or experts on her team; some are considered compulsory to your preparation but some will be optional, simply for those interested in the topic. You work through these lectures at your own pace, in your own space and in your own time. “Play, pause, rewind” at will.
  • Each week provides a discussion forum for those on the course around the lectures and topics of that specific week. It works similarly to a Facebook thread. With separate logins, fathers-to-be can participate alongside their partner giving their personal perspective wherever necessary.
  • You can discuss interesting findings pertaining to the topic of that week, you could share resources you have discovered that might be helpful to others or even pose questions to the others in the group.
  • As part of the registration process, you will have created your personal profile including a username, password and due date. You can therefore decide how anonymous you wish to remain to the group despite participating in all the discussions.

You can see the course outline on the website, it’s brilliant and I really wish I’d had the opportunity to do this when I was pregnant with Fysh, in hindsight it might have made life so much simpler, particularly modules 5 and 6!

Now the stunning news? 3 ladies (or dads to be) stand the chance of winning a course (valued at R550). Entries are as simple as they always are:

Winners will be notified on Monday the 6th.


3 thoughts on “Just Engage – giveaway

  1. due in month though it feels like he wants to come tomorrow. or maybe it’s just me who wants him to come tomorrow haha! would love this, finances aren’t really up for this and not being on medical aid is tough…

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