your choice VS my choice

Unintelligent hippy, bad mother, idiot… just a few of the things I get called simply because it is my choice – MY CHOICE – not to submit to vaccinations the government deems “a must”.

In response I could turn the arguement around and call them mindless sheep with no thoughts of their own but hey… that would mean stooping down to their level, and the view up here at mine is pretty nice thanks.

My family has a bad history when it comes to vaccinations, we have cousins who are autistic thanks to the MMR (the paper that went out stating there is no link was written by the same people who designed the damn thing – that screams bias to me), I have a dad who contracted polio after getting the vaccination etc… our family genetics do not to take well to being subjected to live viruses being injected to us. We’re a healthy bunch say for that so if I choose not to subject my child to that it’s cause I think I have a damn good reason behind it. And as I mentioned, MY CHOICE.

Parenting is one huge clusterfuck of a hypocritical debate, you’d think that since we are technically all in the same boat we’d support one another but instead we shove people off into little boated categories the moment they don’t conform to “how you are supposed to raise a child”

breastfeeding moms VS bottlefeeding moms;
– breastmilk VS formula
– soy VS lactose
ceasearian moms VS natural;
– emergency VS elective
– medicated VS not
vaccinated VS not;
homeschooled VS government
– state VS private
disciplined VS not
– smack VS naughty corner
baby wearing VS uncoddled, co-sleeping VS own bed, same room VS own room, purity VS home made, baby led weaning, cloth nappies VS huggies, huggies VS pampers…

See how many boats we chuck parents into? And you know who puts them there? Other parents… It’s bloody ridiculous. It’s the same as my stepdad who tells me I’m wasting my time reading smut simply because it isn’t history but then he says nothing to my sister who doesn’t read at all. Rather the reader than they who have shunned books completely no? clearly no.

If I look at all this the “perfect child” would be one who is naturally born to a mother who does nothing but smile during labour, grin while she has no problems breastfeeding her child till he’s 6, private schools him his entire life and coddles him the whole while… not many of those alive ey?


10 thoughts on “your choice VS my choice

  1. I totally agree other moms should mind their own business. I was a bit stunned about how bossy and critical some women become when they have children, as though they are now an “expert”. Unless you are breaking the LAW by bashing your child or leaving it neglected then I say each to his/her own. Even if you do not agree or feel strongly about something, like breastfeeding, you need to keep your opinions to yourself and let other people make their own informed choices.

  2. I was having this conversation with some friends on Thursday. It is pathetic how critical mothers/parents are of others people choices. BUTT OUT! My child, my life.

  3. Being a parent is the hardest job ever and very subjective, which makes it even more annoying that it is parents making those kinds of comments. As Mother City Mom said as long as there is no law breaking or neglect then let people parent in a fashion that works for them.

  4. *dancing* Go Mama, go mama! I agree. We all have a choice, all that matters is love, really. I don’t do things the same as other parents and I don’t care what they think. I take advice when I have asked for it and from people I trust. What other people think of me is none of my business. x

  5. Please take my comment from the bottom of my very loving heart, I am not criticizing YOU or your choices, but I have another opinion, so here goes:
    I don’t agree with your view on immunisation. Firstly you need to do a lot more reading on MMR vaccination to really get a good idea of what it is about.
    Secondly, if there weren’t immunisations our children would ALL be at risk of polio, pox, measles and other potentially life-threatening illnesses, including meningitis.
    I decided to have my kids vaccinated because I wasn’t ready to potentially lose a child because I chose not to vaccinate, if that makes sense.
    Lastly: think about the risk to, not only your child, but potentially other children if your child gets sick with something he didn’t need to (like meningitis or encephalitis) that could be contagious.
    All I’m saying, we all make tough choices for our children and we shouldn’t judge each other, but our choices impact other people’s children as well, not just our own.

  6. Sweetie, although I do not agree with your choice ( I have one child pre rots virus immunization and 2 after – the difference in any tummy related bug situation is scary – it works for certain), I do agree that we as mums should keep our mouths shut and not criticize each other.

    • Tania asked me to comment and I am not sure she is going to like my answer :-D
      I think we get defensive about our parenting choices because we want the best for our kids and so when people do things opposite to us we can each land up feeling that someone has to be wrong. But I don’t think there is one way. We just need to feel secure in the way we do it not to get upset when others might question or defend their way.

      My dad gave me the best advice ever when I tried to find my way through the vaccination info on line. He said there is a risk whatever you do. Neither option is risk free, we decide based on which risks we can live with – the small chance they will get sick from the vaccine or the small chance they will get sick from the disease.

      I am a nurse but I am also a pink haired, hippy, cloth nappy, baby wearing, natural hypnobirth, attachment parenting, in schooling mom.

      I decided to selectively and delay vaccinate. I wrote a LONG blog post about each vaccination and what I gave and did not give and when. This is all my own opinion. These are the risks I can live with.

      Each of us makes our choices based on what risks we can live with. For us all it will be different but it is only ourselves we have to answer to.

      PS A note about polio: it is no longer a live vaccine
      MMR you can just do measle which if you only ever only do 1 vaccination it is the one I would recommend. I would do only 1 and after 2.

      PPS no vaccine is 100% effective and kids can still get sick. Even as sick as non vaccinated kids.

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