mothers day sucks fluff

There are many reasons being an only parent sucks, there are also many reasons it doesn’t but it’s always over holidays that the short comings are sort of illuminated.

Mothers day is coming up and of course it’s one of those lovely times when I’m reminded that if I want a gift I’ll have to go buy it myself where as friends have that someone who will help the lil one get em something whether or not they are still together.

It’s not a big deal. Just another day really but hearing and seeing all the mothers day prep and goodies really does sting a little. Guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself this week. Next up is fathers day, another hurdle stone to get over, another stupid holiday that will elicit feelings of sadness due to Fysh not having one of those around to buy ties for or make silly popsicle somethings for.  But hey, I’ll get over it, I always do.


13 thoughts on “mothers day sucks fluff

  1. If it makes you feel any better, being in a couple doesn’t necessarily mean you get to have a Mother’s Day either. I’ve never had one so I can relate…

  2. I don’t like Mother’s Day either, because whereas I do have someone who SHOULD be thankful to have a full time unpaid au pair / domestic worker / financial contributor combo, I don’t get spoiled either. All I really want is to sleep late one day in a year, but even that isn’t granted. Our kids will grow up and then they will spoil us, so we can just look forward to the future! :)

  3. This will be my 10’th Mother’s day – and even though I’m in a great relationship and my eldest is big enough to spare some of her pocket money for a small gift – it’s the last thing on my mind. I haven’t received any Mother’s day pressies but rather choose to claim the day as my own and reflect on me being a mother and what it means to me. We should rather spend the day spoiling ourselves. – wether it’s devouring a whole slab or two of chocolate or spending an evening in the bath with a book… I don’t buy into this whole “commercial idea that if you don’t get a pressies you’re a bad mother”

  4. I would rather be single and get nothing than be married and get nothing. At least you have no expectations.
    On my 1st mothers day NOTHING. He refused even to say the words… When I confronted him he said I am not his mother and when Little OL is big enough then she can do it. He has improved a little bit since then.

    • reading some of the other moms comments i’m thinking i agree. at least i know not to expect anything. as for your hubby… he’s glad i’m not his wife, i’d have decked him one for that!

      • I gave him a taste of his own medicine when Father’s day rolled around… :-)

  5. Yes, it does suck fluff. For all sorts of mothers out there. At least now with Fysh in school, maybe he’ll come home with some lovely craft made of his handprints!

  6. Mother’s day is so close to my birthday that if I’m lucky I might get breakfast in bed but don’t usually get gifts or anything. My birthday sucked this year as my mom-in-law died on the day and we will be in PE for the funeral on Mother’s day.

    Don’t worry, Fysh will soon be old enough to do something for you on Mother’s day, even if it’s just a little card or something.

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