livin’ on a prayer

Last night was the Bon Jovi concert in the mother city, no I didn’t go. Sadly wasn’t lucky enough to attend this concert. Been reading posts from those who did go and I’ll say I’m jealous.

Jovi is one of those who’ve been around forever and I don’t think he’ll be leaving anytime soon. I remember my granny dancing with us in the lounge to him and to this day I can’t listen to “livin on a prayer” without my chest tightening and a flood of emotions hitting me square in the good stuff (if I had them they would anyway). You see… it was our valedictory song.

I remember standing there in the hall with the rest of the 2006 matriculating class (holy crap that’s 7 years ago!), tears running down my cheeks (oh yes, I cried on our valedictory) and singing as falsely as anyone else. Think for the most part we mumbled our way through the song only getting a little braver during the chorus but it stuck.

I have a lot of songs that I can say the same thing to, songs I blared loudly in my room as an angsty sullen teen, songs that were on the radio the day I attended my best friends funeral, and even the song that was on repeat in my car the day Fysh was born.

How such sharp memories and feelings can be so fiercely tied to a simple song…


One thought on “livin’ on a prayer

  1. I wanted to go to, but no-one I know would admit to ever listening to Bon Jovi in the first place. Instead I may treat myself to tickets to Kings of Chaos. I mean it is Slash!

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