life in 3D

My little brother turned all of 12 today!
Decided that seeing as his birthday lands on a Friday I’d keep him from school and take him to the movies instead (don’t worry, I cleared it with my mom first).

Had tickets I got from Numetro a while back so we missioned through to the waterfront and he chose the new GI: Joe – yeah, I had NO idea it was a sequel. Good thing it turns out you don’t need to see the first one, though I was pretty pissed that Channing Tatum plays such a short role… but Flint and Storm Shadow totally make up for the lack of his hotness! Even Roadblock is something to look at.262505_10151413950152175_148834780_n

The last time I went to see a 3D movie I didn’t have my glasses yet and I walked out seeing red/green the rest of the day and suffering a major migraine… well I’ve avoided 3D anything like the plague since then (and when seeing the price of those movies I know why as well) but I decided to suck it up as it’s his birthday.182315_10151413954097175_1776482951_n

wearing the 3D glasses over my actual specs was a little awkward but I am happy to announce: no weird red/green eyesight issues! And no migraine. Bonus!
Now I know what the big issue is, they really are awesome. Would probably be more so if I wore contacts and the glasses actually sit right ;)

trailer that we saw that I think is going to be a must see: Epic (no seriously, that’s the movies name), it looks, well… Epic. (and then don’t forget that there is a new despicable me coming out soon!)


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