decisions decisions…

I’m having one of those “first world problems” moments…

So my phone contract is finally due for an upgrade, considering I haven’t had a phone since September last year… I have my tab so never thought to go out and get one, rather just wait till my contract upgrades.

And now that upgrade day is here I’m in two minds… I know I don’t want a blackberry again, their life expectancy is so bloody short and with this whole “BIS not included” crap I don’t see point in them anymore. Option I do have is the Samsung SIII (I like the mini) BUT the thing is that it does the same as my tablet. So then why do I need it?

I’m confusing myself now. The SIII will be easier to carry about than my tablet I know making my social media addiction that much easier but then I’m used to lugging my tablet around though and at least no one can pick pocket the damn thing (if they try they’ll have to rip my bag off my shoulder and I swear I’ll beat them so hard they will regret ever trying)… and if I get the SIII the tablet will then be used purely for reading (and for Fysh playing angry birds) so what’s the point of having it. It’s the same as the Kindle that I got for my birthday that the captain now uses as I use my tablet instead…

The Captain needs to get a laptop so suggested that if I want and I find a phone I like I can take my kindle back and he’ll take over the payments on my tab. Kindle doesn’t have a backlight for reading though :(

This sucks. Maybe I should just not upgrade and stick to my tablet. Works well for me. And I like that people can’t phone me on it as it’s better the calls not going through than the stupid thing ringing and people expecting me to answer.

Any suggestions?


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