I don’t own a cellphone and I like it like that

Yeah, my brain has taken a hiatus. It saw the flu coming, packed it’s bags and waved as it ran off leaving me to fend for myself. Which explains why I choose NOW to get back into my healthy eating and exercising routine. Go figure…

So good news is I figured out that contract upgrade dilemma I had, yay me! I ended up canceling one of my phone contracts (yes I was stupid enough to put the biodads contract on my name when I originally took out the contract and my dad sort of claimed it over the years) and changing it for a data contract instead which turns out will be saving me R200 a month! I get to keep my number and the spare simcard they gave me will be put into dads current phone with the number only being given to a select few in case of emergencies i.e. someone is either dead dying or has convert tickets for me… I like not having a phone, considering I have email and Facebook and twitter and instagram and whatsapp and and and… I don’t see why I really need one anyway, if you need me you’ll find a way to get hold of me.

The other number will be upgraded to an S4 and I’m pretty sure that the captain will be only too happy to boast that for the first time ever he I owns a piece of technology that is newer and shinier than mine. But he’ll be taking over payments for that number (easier than him trying to apply for a contract of his own seeing as he’s always out the country) so hey, let the old man have some fun right?

In other news, I’m pretty sure I can claim to have officially “made it”.
Over the few years, actually mostly over the last few months I’ve gotten the occasional email from someone letting me know that they enjoy reading my of kilter ramblings about whatever. Today though, today I got my first real “fan letter” one inclusive of attachments that could make even me blush and considering I spend a lot of time around sailors who often tend to forget I’m actually a girl that’s saying something.

Hey, at least my “fan” is good looking. But just in case he turns out to be the next Ted Bundy… If I go awol on all social media platforms please hack into my email accounts and find me ;)
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a few books that need finishing so I can write their reviews. Seriously need a job that pays me to read, how heavenly would that be?! Hurry up Zanzibar, my patience is waning!


2 thoughts on “I don’t own a cellphone and I like it like that

  1. I don’t know if I’d manage without a cellphone. Think i would want to phone people just because I couldn’t. But my husband will tell you, I never answer my phone – so maybe I really don’t need one?

    When you going to Zanzibar? Exciting!

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