Lou Harvey – giveaway – CLOSED

You remember when I flew up to Jozi for the launch of Aspen’s new ready to feed formula? Well it’s almost time for it to hit the shelves! I’m going to let them have their soapbox moment as they can explain it better than I can:


Are you a mother on-the-go? Or a father who would like to be more involved or step in when mom’s busy? Need to find a feeding solution for your toddler that makes life a little easier, but offers the same high quality and safety standards you are accustomed to?

Fortunately, there is a new product on the market that offers all of this. Aspen Nutritionals has introduced a first for South Africa – Infacare® Gold 3, a revolutionary ready to feed formula that offers parents and babies advanced quality, safety and convenience.

Aspen Marketing Manager: Infant Nutrition, Krista Maas, says the formula that parents around South Africa have come to trust is now in liquid form. “Aspen Nutritionals is delighted to now offer parents Infacare® Gold 3 Ready to Feed, with improved nutritional value aimed at supporting the development of their one- to three-year olds,” she says.

The quality formula is enhanced with Aspen Nutritionals’ unique Gold Care Complex™, which assists with immunity and supports growth and development with prebiotic, oligosaccharides, both Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), lower protein, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (AA), as well as nucleotides, and Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (LC-PUFAS).

Maas says Infacare® Gold 3 Ready to Feed offers parent’s peace of mind as it is preservative free and the packaging commercially sterile. “This means improved safety as no additional utensils are needed. All moms and dads need to do is decant the formula into a sterilised feeding cup,” she says.

For parent’s on-the-go, Infacare® Gold 3 Ready to Feed formula means less measuring and mixing and having a portable solution when required. No refrigeration is needed before opening the product, which enjoys a long shelf-life due to the UHT process.

Maas says the UHT process ensures a commercially sterile product with good taste, texture and nutritional value, which remains stable for the duration of its shelf life. “In addition, Aspen Nutritionals is committed to environmental sustainability and all its cartons offer the highest renewable content worldwide,” she says.

Infacare® Gold 3 Ready to Feed will be on the shelves at all major retailers around the country from May 2013.
And now, to celebrate the launch the lovely Aspen people are giving me these two (yes TWO) Lou Harvey bags to giveaway:
lou harveyI have one and I love it, at first I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use it as Fysh is old enough not to need me lugging around a baby bag anymore but it’s been used often as a beach bag, an overnight bag and currently it’s stocked with all my drawing things :)

Want one? Of course you do!

  • Tweet about the competition or share it on facebook:
    • Win a Lou Harvey bag with #InfacareGold3 and @cupcakemummy http://wp.me/p1qkm4-1kp
  • Leave a comment below letting me know which one you’d prefer

59 thoughts on “Lou Harvey – giveaway – CLOSED

  1. wow, so so pretty! Have always wanted one of these, holding thumbs for the green one! Looking forward to seeing the Infacare® Gold 3 on the market, sounds great. Have tweeted

  2. Oh my gosh. I was so jealous of you all when you were tweeting from the launch. I can’t wait for the infacare to hit the shelves but I would LOVE one of these bags!!!
    I love both but the left brown/green/turqoise one is my favourite by a smidge.
    Tweeted and shared on FB.

    Thank you for all these awesome giveaways!!!

  3. How awesome!
    I have tweeted and shared this competition on facebook. I would LOVE to win the blue dragon one… this will be so handy now that Connor is a little older and I can still look stylish! Thanks!

  4. I don’t tweet, but have done FB…
    Love the blue one, but am more excited about this new infacre product! It’s about time our country did something!!!

  5. How exciting!!
    I would love the blue dragon one for my little Nate..
    Keen to also give Aspens Nutrionals a try..
    Also holding thumbs!!

  6. Oooh pretty!! They are both gorgeous, how do you choose? I love the stripey one.. But the blue one has a certain “edginess” to it, which is also awesome. *fingers crossed*

    Tweeted as @Ellelicious_ =)

  7. Isn’t this a lovely little competition. I like the green one. And the blue one. And the green one. I really like both. Maybe the blue one. It goes with my eyes?

    Thanks for hosting the competition :)

  8. I have tweeted and reposted on Facebook. I am so embarassed by the state of my tatty old nappy bag at the moment, I would be ecstatic to win the stripy bag! I’m holding thumbs and crossing fingers and toes :)

  9. I’ve shared on Facebook. I love the stripy one… Baby due in September…would be a gorgeous baby bag!

  10. Really like the green one!!i shared it on Facebook have a 3 month old so really interested in this formula!!

  11. tweet tweet and shared, its really a very tough choice, there is something so attractive about each of them, but coin flip….blue wins the toss… now im sad green didnt win, but if it did, i would be sad blue didnt. ah, let the little man choose…okay he pointed to the blue one first ,o)

  12. Tweeted, Shared. Liked. Told my colleagues. Told my family.
    The blue dragons would suit my family perfectly!

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