look whoooo turned two!

So @nikkiferreira’s littlest tribe member turned two in the week and of course that had to be celebrated! And it was a hoot of a party!

Headed through to her last night armed with a few spongecakes, a piping bag and a whole lot of felt. N kept the music going and the tea flowing while B and I got our craft on. I was pleasantly surprised with how the cake came out. No seriously, it was one I got of pinterest and my piping skills are the greatest (unless you count on cupcakes) but it was fun and hey, at least it turned out looking like an owl! Plus I got to finally use my little teacup cupcake holders again.mili turns 2 cake

The party was super adorable but I swear to the stars that if I see another felt owl again it will be too soon! My finger still hurts from where I kept stabbing myself with the needle.mili turns 2

Happy birthday to not so little Mili-Flyn!
And congrats on an amazing party my friend. Thanks for having us xmili and mom


5 thoughts on “look whoooo turned two!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Your finger better start feeling better soon…. I’m waiting for my owl! :-) xxx

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