my little family

Last year I won a photoshoot with Erica V Photography over on the stilettomum and for some reason it’s taken us a year to finally get around to doing the damned shoot. Every time we booked it something would come up, I guess that’s what happens when two photographers try and sync their calendars!

Finally got a sneak peek at our shots, I’m not a fan of photos of myself but there are definitely a few here I really like. We decided to take Joonbug with to the shoot seeing as she is a part of our family after all, Mr Pricklesworth is hibernating though so he had to stay at home.

Thanks Erica! I was uncomfortable as anything being on “the wrong side” of the camera but you made it work :)
464560_552052774845081_1979170477_o 467843_552052791511746_382207684_o 468813_552053528178339_932247587_o 964581_552053774844981_1719281093_o 964838_552053641511661_1397836669_o 965032_552052891511736_248965411_o 977452_552052704845088_1479674878_o
Looking at the photos I REALLY miss my long hair. I know people tell me I can pull off the boy cut and it suits me but I will admit that I my hair was always the one thing that made me feel girlish and now I sort of feel like a hard core lesbian hahaha (not that there is anything wrong with that lifestyle, hell my brother and his husband are happily married…) I just miss it is all. Now to lose the last 15kg’s, tone up and then book another shoot!


5 thoughts on “my little family

    • adopted her 2 years ago, still the best decision ever though she’s definitely a family member and not a dog! last night she crawled onto the bed with us cause she was afraid of the thunderstorm.

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