25 before 26

For some random reason I always tend to post this up almost a month late. I get them done during April and then forget that I wrote it or other things just take priority for posting… but here it is. My 25 before 26 list! I started with these lists when I turned 18, can’t believe this is my 8th list like this already…

1. Get a new tattoo (yes this will be on my list always. Maybe this year I’ll get started on my sleeve).
2. Get a job that covers all my monthly costs and then some.
3. Do a delivery (a boat one, not a baby).
4. Get to (and maintain) my goal weight.
5. Run a marathon (and finish it – barefoot).
6. Read 150 books.
7. Go skydiving/bungee jumping/diving with sharks.
8. Pass my Yachmaster offshore practical exam.
9. Doodle on a pair of white shoes (a carry over from last year).
10. Go to Jozi for Squishy’s wedding (it’s in September, I better start saving!)
11. Hike table mountain.
12. Buy a new camera.
13. Study something (not sure what yet, will figure that out still. Still want to finish up my psych degree).
14. Go camping with friends for a weekend.
15. Fill at least one sketchbook (aka draw more).
16. Go away for a weekend with Fyshness.
17. Write a book (any book, even if it’s a kids book).
18. Go on a date (hey, it’s been a while. Maybe it’s about time I start thinking of it again).
19. Learn to ride a skateboard (without looking like an idiot! Going to rope my brother into teaching me).
20. Spend a day fishing with my dad.
21. Spend a day doing something special with my mum.
22. Spend a day doing something special with each of my siblings.
23. Join a fighting gym (start some form of MMA).
24. Get my dive certificate.
25. Re-string and re-learn to play my violin (because I doubt I can anymore).

So that’s this years list… let’s see how much I can get done! I’ll update you with the progress every two months or so :)
And hey, if you can help out with any of the above… PLEASE DO!


4 thoughts on “25 before 26

  1. I can help/be a part of the following:

    4. Maam, yes maam!!
    10. My door is open while you here.
    14. Let’s make the halfway camp thing work.
    18. I thought you said we were covering this in September? ;P

    • 4. whoop – army fit here we come!
      10. wooohoooo, at least that’s accommodation sorted ;)
      14. let’s! Maybe aim for december-ish? cost of diesel I need to save haha.
      18. Bwahahahahaha! You going to wine and dine me?

      • Even if 14 happens next year some time, that is fine.
        You’re totally worth a wine and dine session… as long as you make soup and salad, wahaha!!

  2. You should be receiving a parcel shortly that will help with one of these (Number 9). I posted it on Monday, so please let me know if you don’t receive it soon…..

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