I’m on top of the world

So last night I got an email from Amazon:

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations!!, you have been successful in your application with us as Seasonal Customer Service Associate (Talent Pool) as soon as the positions become available we let you know.

Thank you for your patience and going through the process thus far, we will keep you posted.

Recruitment Team

Yes I am currently doing a happy dance, well not right this second as typing would be hard but internally I’m doing the jig!

No idea yet as to starting dates but it’ll probably be in the new month. Good thing I did that shoot to cover this months dreaded debit orders…

It’s shift work so the great thing is that I’ll still be able to book shoots! Which is stellar news as even though the pay is okay it’s not exactly the kind that is substantial enough as a single income (anything below 10k is hard to stretch when you’re an only parent that believes maintenance is a cruel myth). The negative is that with shifts comes night shift so I’m going to need to look into getting a night nanny of sorts that will just be in the house while Fysh sleeps and who will not cost me my salary.

But hey, we’ll cross those bridges when the contract is signed! For now I’m just pleased that (even if it’s only for 3 months) I’ll have a set income, even though I walk away with sweet boggerall at the end of the day once bills are paid but the big thing here is that the bills will be paid!

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