where are the marshmallows?

Been such a lazy one, woke up early to find out that due to the weather everyone is bailing on our hike so decided to finish of the two books I was busy on (will do a “what I’ve read this month” post really soon). After finishing off both I couldn’t decide what to read next so thought maybe I should give reading a bit of a break and pick up the pencils instead…

I’ve been getting into drawing more this year and playing around with drawing styles I’m not familiar with (charcoal, water colour, ink pens etc) but the one thing I haven’t done yet is pick up those damned pencils for a detailed portrait.


So yeah, decided to forego something with a face (ease back into it) and though I can tell I’m a little out of practice (last time I did something like this was in 2006) I can also say it’s pretty much like riding a bike and the longer I kept at it the easier it got.


This took me about 10 hours and it’s still not done but I’m pretty pleased with what I managed. Needs softening up in places, his left side needs work and the finer details need to be added but hey, for someone out of practice I’m not half bad – even if I do say so myself hahaha. Maybe I’ll try an actual portrait next. Maybe.


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