Devils in my head

Migraines are the devil, actually I think the ones I get surpass the devil and come straight from his maker. Out of all the shitty genetic traits that I could possibly pass on to Fysh this is one I hope he didn’t snatch up in his making.

I see a biofeedback practitioner and at my first meet with her she asked rather concerned if I had a headache and when I explained to her that I’d had a slight one in the morning but that it was fine then she laughed and said that I registered as having a grade 2 headache which is apparently one that would have “normal people” wanting to take myprodol and go to bed.

My body has a high tolerance for pain though – I’ve fallen asleep getting inked, been in active labour and not felt a thing… So when I go man down on a migraine I can assure you it isn’t pleasant and this one that I’m sporting had been lingering and building since the weekend, it’s been feed two lots of migraine cocktails and only now feels dulled. I hate them and they suck. If I had an enemy I doubt I’d wish it upon him, okay that’s a lie but still.

It sometimes worries me though because studying as a medic I know all the things that can and could be wrong and I worry that one day I’ll simply drop down dead due to an aneurism or something (morbid I know) but they’ve never picked anything up and can’t even tell me what triggers them other than sensory overload. Just one of those things I guess. Best not to dwell on the negative, the positive side to them of course is that I have no appetite…


2 thoughts on “Devils in my head

  1. I know just how you feel. When sharp implements start to look like a promising way to gouge it out. Sadly, my son has inherited it from me and is too young for migraine packs. All they seem to do for me anyway is knock me out until it runs its own course. I hope yours ends soon.

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