Pink is the new fierce

I did something impulsive today.
I joined a gym, an mma gym to be exact.

I was chatting to @xpresstill this morning and as usual mma comes up, but then what do you expect from someone who works in that industry, and I mentioned that I wanted to join a gym so I can get rid of my pent up temper issues but with finances being up and down as they are there is no way I can afford to sign any contracts now…

So we found one near me and I decided to go have a look and see what their payment plans are like, turns out that they are willing to let me pay month to month so I signed up on the spot! Then it was off to Mr Price to get gloves (bubblegum pink ones) and wraps.


I ended up being the only female during the jujitsu class and being new coach had one of the guys go over basics with me which was fun, apparently I caught on to ‘the flow’pretty quickly. To me it looks more like sex without the benefits but hey I’m not here to judge particularly when getting fit is combined with eye candy ;)


I stayed for the Muay Thai as well and was one of two girls (the other one is a fighter and hot damn but she’s got a body that would make you look twice no matter which team you bat for) so of course was paired up with her. For the most pay I kept up with everything, even the frigging planking and pushups but the sit up’s… Those suckers nearly killed me.

Can’t wait for tomorrows classes!


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