what I read this month – May

This is my reading list for May, decided that I’ll start posting one at the end of every month. The bolded titles are the ones I thoroughly enjoyed, I wouldn’t say favourites because that’s just bias but they definitely stood out a little more than others.

City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare
Book 2 of the Mortal instruments series, readinRTg this series in bits and pieces as the 6th book is only due next year :/
This girl – Colleen Hoover
Third in the Slammed trilogy – do yourself a favour and read it, Hoover NEVER fails. 
Suicide note – Teresa Mummert
Don’t let the title fool you, it’s not as morbid as it sounds.
Twisted Perfection – Abbi Glines
Beautiful! Can’t wait for book 2
Tempting the best man – J. Lynn
Smutty romance
Ask for it – Sylvia Day
If you enjoy old school historical romance then this is for you.
The mayfair moon – J. A. Redmerski
Hot werewolves… VERY hot werewolves
Kindred – J. A. Redmerski
Book 2 – here comes trouble in the land of hot werewolves…
The ballad of Aramei – J. A. Redmerski
The ending left me a little “oh, is that all” but I enjoyed the series, nice change from the usual vampire stuff.
Tempting the player – J. Lynn
Another Gamble brother…
Restore me – J. L. Mac
Book 1 “Wreck me” was a cliffhanger… Mac leaves us with another bloody cliffhanger!
True love story – Willow Aster
City of glass – Cassandra Clare
Book 3 of the Mortal Instruments
Wanderlove – Kirsten Hubbard
Make sure you’re broke because this will have you wanting to pack your backpack and leave.
Strings – Kendall Grey
Smut, hardcore in your face smut but her writing style is fucking fantastic… literally ;)
Tangled – Emma Chase
Have you read Wallbanger yet? This is like a male version of it – BRILLIANT!
The 5th wave – Rick Yancey
There better be a book 2 because as brilliant as this book was the ending sucked balls in my opinion.
The Chef – Martin Suter
A translated book, the storyline (or the concept) was great but I think a lot was lost in the translation and it’s taken me a few months to actually finish it.
Breathe – Abbi Glines
First book in the sea breeze series… mmm… hunky rockstar!
Stealing Harper – Molly McAdams
It’s Chase’s point of view from the book Taking Chances. Even though I knew how it was going to end I bawled my bloody eyes out :(
Because of Low – Abbi Glines
Marcus’s story! I liked him, was sad he got dismissed in Breathe but glad to see it’s so he could get his own book.
Safe word – Teresa Mummert
Reminds me of Captured in the dark, it’s dark and distrubing and has a brilliant but crazy twist.
The forever of Ella and Micha – Jessica Sorensen
The sequel to The secret of Ella and Micha, been waiting months for this and it definitely didn’t dissapoint. Such a heartbreaking romance.


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