proud mama

I still struggle with this whole parenting thing even though it’s been over 4 years since that little plastic stick hit me with a wholly different future than one I planned for myself but this little person who for some strange reason trusted me to help raise him really does amaze me sometimes.

I went vegan on January 7th of this year and I’ll admit I have caved once or twice since and grabbed a piece of fish or chicken more out of habit than wanting but for the most part I’ve been good and stuck to it and though I don’t enforce that Fysh has to be it with me he also has no qualms about eating strange foods with me, he will even chirp that “you can have salad” when I mention I’m hungry.

Today for example he polished off a Taiwanese turnip cake, a veg stuffed rice ball as well as a spinach and seaweed spring roll. I mean hello, how lucky am I?! There are parents or there who can’t even get their kids to look at veg and here I have to fight him to leave me some.


He’s also brilliant at drinking water, even though he won’t sommer say no to a soda he’s just as happy with water and even has his own sports bottle that constantly needs refilling because he’ll force me out of bed at 3am if he grabs it and it’s empty (yeah this has happened).

Hoping this isn’t going to change drastically in the near future!


5 thoughts on “proud mama

  1. Jeepers you are lucky. So cool that he is so game to try all those different things! I can hardly even get my girls to eat carrots, nevermind seaweed.

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