I have nothing newsworthy to report at the moment. It’s sad but also comforting. Nothing has changed much at the moment other than my hair (it’s back to blue, well more like green-ish teal but no longer brown at least), I’m still broke, still waiting on Amazon to get their shit together and let me know when the hell I actually start this damn job I supposedly got, still training my ass off (literally) twice a day and still have a fantastic kid.

I like that things have gotten into a routine, I wish it was one that put loot in my account though but at least it’s a routine and those tend to calm my screwed up brain. Busy writing a first aid module for the academy now that needs to be done this week so that it can go to SAMSA for review and approval, if when it get’s approved the academy can become an accredited first aid at sea training center and I can start teaching again. Whoop.

Yeah… that’s about it. Thinking of setting up a July blogging challenge (similar to the one we did in Feb) to get the blogging juices flowing again instead of letting winter freeze up all thoughts as they develop. What say you, anyone keen to join me in it?


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