back on the wagon

January 7th this year I went on a mission to lose all the extra kg’s I’ve been carrying around. I started and kept at it till March 5th when I hit the 10kg’s lost mark then I plateaued which obviously got me down and I sort of lost a bit of my oompf to carry on. April brought with it Easter as well as my birthday and May… well May wasn’t all that inspirational either and somewhere between March 5th and last week Thursday I’d put almost 3kg’s back on (was back up to 75.8/76).

Last week I emptied out the last few rands in my account and signed up at a fighters gym (can tick that off my bucket list!), paid two months upfront so we’ll see what happens come August though but for now I’m there twice a day every day cept for Saturday’s (only in the morning) and Sunday is a rest day. 

Decided it’s about time I did another cm weight update seeing as I’m back on the band wagon, I was going to wait till next month as that would be 6 months since starting but decided I want to see what the results of one month at the gym are. So here we go:

 7 January – 5 March7 June
Arms 34 / 33.5 31.5 / 3130 / 31
Boobs 108 10398 (sob sob)
Chest 92.5 8384
Tummy 98 84 –82 (still got mommy tummy)
Hips 102 9192
Legs 64 / 62.5 – 60 / 5857 / 58
Weight 84.3 73.274.1

Up some places and down others, at least I now have a marker point for when I cm in next month.
I’ve mostly tried to stop concentrating on what the scale says as I know that I’m going to be building muscle now and that it weighs more (not an easy feat but I’m trying). My main aim has definitely changed since I started in January, my focus has moved from trying to get skinny to getting fit and learning to control my anger issues and of course to have fun while doing it.

My trainer (not really MY trainer, just one of the boxers who has decided that he’s taking me under his wing and training me up) has decided he wants to get me fighting fit and in the ring by the years end, I think he has far too much confidence in my limited abilities but hey, who am I to tell him no cause clearly he sees potential even if I’m clouded by an irrational negative perception of myself. We’ll see where it goes…

And the biggest bonus of everything? My son is being surrounded not by diet and skinny people but by fighters who know their strengths and weaknesses, who play hard and train harder. He’s learning that FIT is beautiful not skinny.


2 thoughts on “back on the wagon

  1. Good luck to you on your new journey! I had to learn the same lesson myself.. I’m in smaller jeans than I was before I had my daughter but am 10lbs heavier. I’m way more fit now. so if being fit comes with an extra 10lbs and I look and feel better.. it’s worth it!

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