the story of my car closet

I think that most people who know me also know that my car carries everything bar the kitchen sink in it. I can empty it out today but by tomorrow my entire bloody house is in it again. If I’m looking for something and can’t find it it’s most likely in the car…

I vowed that when I got the tata I’d keep it clean and empty, clearly that didn’t work out so well, between the roadtrips, a toddler and friends who are so used to what my golf looked like it just doesn’t stay clean. For example: I cleaned it out – SPOTLESS – the last time I fetched tin tin at the airport… the sod leaves his empty coffee cup on my mat (which of course spills). Le Sigh… just can’t win?!

I decided to “empty it out” again yesterday (I quote that little bit seeing as if you looked at my car right now you would NEVER guess that I emptied out 3 pick n pay bags of rubbish as well as an entire wash basket of clothes and an assortment of dishes) and came across a bag of clothes in the boot that I’d gotten from @reyv3004 probably a good month ago and completely forgot about. It was like christmas!

Fysh has been going through this phase of not wanting to wear anything but “soft pants” so of course all the jeans that I bought him for winter have been gathering dust in the cupboard and the one or two track pants he has are being worn thin seeing as finances just aren’t there to go out and get him a plethora of tracks, the bag of clothes had a bunch of long sleeved tshirts and several “soft pants” so like I said… CHRISTMAS!

I know that some people have an aversion to hand me downs and won’t let their kid wear anything but labels, happy to say I am SO not that parent, though I’ll admit that when I do have a bit of cash I often head on to pnp or ackermans and spoil him but for the most part I am so VERY grateful for Rey who has been handing down clothes ever since Fysh was born. One day I’m going to have to buy monster man a whole new wardrobe just to say thanks!

And as for me… I found the jeans I thought I’d lost :P


7 thoughts on “the story of my car closet

    • and the nice thing about hand me downs is that the clothes are already worn in and comfortable ;)
      Fysh and I are going to be sorting through clothes to donate this afternoon as well. Lots that he (and I) have outgrown

  1. I have also been very fortunate on the hand me down cloths stakes for Little OL. I have NO problem with her wear “pre-loved” clothes. In fact this is the only way that she is ever going to wear anything that is not PnP or Ackermans. (that or when one of her aunts buys her clothes).
    I then donate all her used clothes to a local charity.

  2. In about 2 or so weeks I’ll have another bag coming your way :D Monster has gotten soo tall in the past few weeks and he’s missed the size 11 shoe went straight from 10 – 12 o_O

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