training the future

It’s my second week of training and I’m starting to think I spend more time at the gym than at home (well in wakeful moments anyway). I know I’m not but I am there a good 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day. The one thing I’m beyond grateful for is that they have no qualms about Fysh coming with me.

In the mornings I drop him off at school (which might change soon as with Amazon taking their sweet ass time on telling me when work starts I might be able to afford school fees) and head to boxing/k1/running (depending on the day) and then it’s off to mum’s to work on the First Aid manual for Ocean Star Sailing Academy.  So it’s mostly the evenings Muay Thai/MMA class that he tags along for.

This morning however I took him with to class as we were running late and there wasn’t enough time to mission down to his school then back up in time. Without his nighttime friend (the owners daughter) and the usual subdued “I’ve been awake and playing all day” energy levels he decided to be a little more boisterous this morning and wanted to join. The guys at the gym though didn’t seem to mind even though it was driving me loopy and one even put my gloves on him and was standing in the octagon showing him how to hit properly.

I stood there watching him beat up a bag on the floor and throwing punches at the guy and when he saw me looking he perked up “look mom, I can fight just like you”. Yeah, I’ll admit it… Pride filled my heart! This little kid. I know that I was a little annoyed that he didn’t want to sit still and quiet but I’m also proud that instead of causing chaos he actually decided to learn and work out ‘just like mom’. When he looks at me with that awe and pride my heart clenches.

Makes me realise that I’m not just a mom, I’m someone’s inspiration.future boxing champ


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