doctor doctor…

Now if your brain lives in the gutter like mine does (blame growing up around sailors/divers/germans) the moment you hear “doctor doctor” you’ll have rather scandalous images of girls with fake chests and short nurse outfits or the first time you learned your best friend has different parts to you…

Needless to say when I asked Fysh what he did at school today and he responded with “we played doctor doctor” I started having heart a minor heart attack thinking oh hell no not yet

Me: oh really?
Fysh: yes, and I was the doctor.
Me: the doctor?
Fysh: yes, doctor who. But teacher said I can’t bring my Tardis in the class.
Queue uncontrollable laughter and a giant oh thank the stars sigh!
Me: oh no, that’s terrible.
Fysh: yes, so said she’s not allowed on it.

It’s sad to think that we live in a time when you worry that your child is playing that sort of doctor doctor in grade 00. Our kids aren’t kids for long enough anymore, childhood seems to become shorter and shorter with every generation and every technological advancement.


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