my little skinhead…

Fysh asked in the week if he can shave his head and I said that granny can shave it for him.
Mainly because A) I knew that if he had time to think about it he’d chicken out – he doesn’t like having his hair cut. B) I was really hoping he’d forget about it as I really love his hair longer, always have. (He looks far too much like biodad with it short) and C) well, I don’t have a C really.

Yeah… so he didn’t forget about it and granny obviously has no care about it being long (she shaved it off off in December 2011 without my permission) so guess my beautiful boy is now a skinhead. Guess I should have expected it what with him being surrounded by skinheads at the gym daily… getting it shaved unimpressed mommy

Thanks to hitler for the photos of it being shaved. And of me looking uber unimpressed hahaha.

And seeing as I have a camera for a few days (thank you E!) I took advantage of it, got him to pose for a few shots rocking the skinhead look outside. He looks like a naughty little shit now!
collageSee that dent in his head when he looks to the side? He got that shortly after he’d started walking: he tried climbing into my golf and solid as those things are built he slipped and hit his head on the doorframe. Had a giant bruise on his noggin for a while, we didn’t realise just how hard he’d clearly hit it till the bump and bruise where gone and voila there was actually a dent! Boys…happy little skinheadAnd for those wondering, yes that’s his natural eye colour… I pity the parent’s of daughters ;)


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